Summer lovin'

2010-05-22 @ 14:31:17
My life at the moment. Sitting on the balcony and reading "Pride and prejudice" in swedish. I like the movie a lot but the book is better I belive. I'm off to the balcony again. Lots of love.

Vive la France!

2010-05-20 @ 00:56:56
I have a Nationell test in French tomorrow and belive it or not but I'm kind of exited! I love french, i love France and I love everything about anything french-inspirated. Why? I don't know. I guess I fell in love with the people and Paris when I was dear a few years ago. And next year, I will be visiting Strasbourg with my french class and I couldn't be more exited!
Maintenant, je dois aller dormir. Parlez-en à vous plus tard.
Dormez bien mes petits amis!

I rock, but I'm not made of stone.

2010-05-08 @ 14:31:30