December snow 2011

2011-12-08 @ 20:06:12
Finally the snow has settled in the northern city of Sweden, Umeå.

Saturday sushi

2011-12-04 @ 20:46:35
Hungry people has no time for picture-posing.
Cute menu.
A dear visitor from the capital city, Sam.
SUSHI AND LOTS OF IT. I'm telling you, mouth orgasm.
Fried chicken á la japanese style. Better than any KFC.
Chocolote cake, it was alright. We also ate a Green tea ice cream. OH MY GOD. So delish that I didn't have time to take a photo of it. I'm starting to drewl by the thought of it.
Me at the age of 80?

Wonderland 2

2011-12-01 @ 12:37:28
A small trubute to my dancing friend Hedda Ejelöv.