Barcelona day 2 part 2

2011-07-28 @ 01:56:45
Let me present to you: Poble Españyol.

Umbrella in the sun

2011-07-23 @ 12:17:18
We never went in to the National museum, 'cuz none of us was really that into art. I don't really see myself worthy of stepping in to a museum like that one. I would have gone "boring... boring... boring... OH pretty!" instead of "Can you see how he's been using the brushstrokes to.." etc.
It did feel a little sad to leave the Picasso exhibition behind though, but fortunately we met up with Mr. Picasso in another place.

Barcelona day 2 part 1

2011-07-22 @ 20:44:22
The second day and the start of our sightseeing. This day we started the morning with visiting the fabulous national museum and its beautiful view.