Too cool for school

2011-03-23 @ 20:24:17
So this past week my french class had some visitors, our beloved french correspondents who we visited last November came to Sweden! At their last night we had a party and we partied hard... at school.
Some pictures are just worth more than gold. Haha.

Take a break

2011-03-23 @ 17:56:44
  • Photo; Pegah Zarassi
I need to take a time-off from my life and live someone else's. I've caught myself too many times dreaming and loving the dreams dangerously more than life. Dreaming is supposed to influence your reality, give you a push to do things you want to. That's not my case. I'm stuck in my dreams and have no strength, will or intention of returning.
Nothing's pulling me back.

The big book sale is here!

2011-03-14 @ 02:26:24
The book sale has began and when you're a bookoholic like me you go completely frantic!
There's just one problem, I want 100 books too many. And so when I recently was in Gothenburg and visited my lovely cousin I went to the bookstores and made 3 great bargains but 2 too little.
There were 2 boxes of so called classics standing there in beautiful covers, that made my illustration heart beat faster, and I wanted them badly but my wallet wouldn't cooperate with me.
It just stared at me with hollow black eyes and so the 2 boxes with classics got to stay where they were.
Instead a chic-lit, a photoshop book and a "how-to-sketch"-book followed me home.
And I was so happy with my bargains until I got home and a image of 2 boxes flashed through my mind ones, twice until it decided to make itself comfortable in my mind and stayed there constantly making me slighly (enormously) miserable.
On top of it all did it not only flash through my mind but soon it started to flash in front of my eyes in various favorite blogs of mine.
My mind is going crazy and my book-loving heart is bleeding. Is there an angel out there?
Photos; Most delightful Sandra Beijer