Andas. Andas. Allting snurrar runt.

2011-05-31 @ 23:40:08
May I run away with you, please?
© Pegah Zarassi

What it feels like to be a sister

2011-05-30 @ 20:10:49
Most of the time me and my little sister are enemies. We fight about, clothes, cleaning, makeup, that's mine, that's yours and you know, all that.
But today I felt like bursting with pride. Today she got an award for what she's been fighting for. And when I saw her face after she'd hung up the phone, how her face lid up, all i could feel was love and pride for my little sister.
She's all I got. She's mine.
© Pegah Zarassi

What I need the most

2011-05-29 @ 23:33:31
What I need and want the most right now is to just drop time and space into a black hole and leave this place.
I want to have money in my account (just enough to manage on my own) and I want to pack a small suitcase with flowy dresses, pencils, colors and papers and I want to get to the train station. I want to stand in front of the (Europe) departure board, close my eyes and point my finger at it and promise myself that wherever the finger points at, that's the place I will go to. That's the place I will be calling my own. That's the place I will be writing my n°1 bestseller books, that's the place I will be taking my world known photos and that's the place where I will be finding love in whatever shape it would decide to come in.
But it would also be the place where I wouldn't be feeling any fame, where people wouldn't recognize me and money wouldn't make me buy a bigger house and fancier clothes. No.
It would just be a place to be me, do what's me and live as me without doing anything that's expected of me.
It would just be a place where I would be able to feel free.
© Pegah Zarassi