Photoshoot with P&P

2011-09-28 @ 20:25:47
Me and my sister went for a walk in the sunny autumn weather today. We were both off school for the day so it felt great to just hang out. We had a small photoshoot in our backyard with the yellow and red leaves as canvas, so beautiful outside right now!
Well, it all led to me having some freshly taken photos of myself for you guys. Don't even mention it, you're so welcome!

What I can't have hurts

2011-09-26 @ 23:27:20
There is one thing that can really make my heart ache alot. And that is when reading my favorite blogs when they write about meeting up with their grandparents.
When they write that today they are going to their grandfathers house to celebrate his birthday with cake. Or today they are going to visit their grandmother and drink a cup of tea and go out for a walk together.
Or when they tell about how cute their grandparents are when they do this or they do that.
But mostly when they say they love them.
I don't have that.
I can't go visit my grandparents when I feel like it, when it's their birthday or when they're sick.
The cruelty of the world has set us apart from each other. And the world of airlines wants to ruin us when we'd like to meet.
I love old people. Old people is one of the things that fascinates me the most. Old people are history in blood and flesh. I love old strangers, I love talking to old people on retirement homes. My summer job at a retirement home was one of the best things I've done.
I know old people.
But i don't know the old people that are supposed to be mine. I don't know the old people that are supposed to tell me about my history. I don't know my own flesh and blood. I don't know my grandparents.
And I'm afraid of saying that I love them 'cause maybe that's wrong? How can I say that I love people I barely know? Is that fraud?
No. It can't be. Because when I look at my mum I have to love them. She can't have been who she is without people who raised her with love and care. And who am I to not love those people?
What I'm trying to say is that you who have your relatives close to you, don't take them for granted. There are loads of people who envy you for being able to look them in the eyes and for being able to have a relationship with them.
Don't throw that away.
From sorrow to happiness. I can gladly inform you that this christmas, after 9 years, I'm finally meeting my beloved relatives again and I'm just bursting of joy from the thought of it.

Jag lever!

2011-09-20 @ 22:20:58
Hej alla snälla, dumma, trevliga, otrevliga, intresserade, ointresserade och alla därimellan!
Fruktansvärt tråkigt inlägg detta men måste bara förklara mig lite snabbt och koncist om varför jag plötsligt försvunnit. Det är så simpelt som att det är mycket arbete i skolan just nu, prov osv, och eftersom det är sista året på gymnasiet väljer jag att satsa på skolan istället för bloggen. När jag måste välja alltså. Så tills på fredag kommer det nog vara rätt dött här, tyvärr.
Låt oss jobba stenhårt i skolan, på jobbet eller om du bara har ett roligt projekt du sysslar med, så ses vi glada och nöjda i slutet av veckan igen.
See you later alligator, som man säger!
Så här kan det se ut när man hjälper någon (mindre duktig) att fotografera.