så jag springer för tiden rinner det brinner i mitt inre

2014-12-17 @ 02:05:00
Har spenderat denna kväll till att bläddra tillbaka bland arkiven och återuppleva ett yngre jag. Glad, ledsen, lycklig, förkrossad och grubblande men likväl jag. Hittade en text från en ensammen 17årig Pegah.
"In a desperate try to feel productive, I picked up my brushes, filled a glass with water, opened a new white page in my sketchbook, opened the watercolor box and then I froze.
In that moment, with the brush right above the paper almost dripping blue color on the white untouched surface, I froze and looked around.
There I was in my room sitting by my desk by the window with the sun going down using its last rays of light to paint, too lazy to put the lights on in my room.
And just at that moment I felt myself shrinking. I felt lonely. So lonely it almost hurt.
I could imagine the sounds of my friends laughter as they were heading towards the doors to the club excited about a night out and then there I was, sitting in my dark room listening to the imaginary sounds of laughter.
I wasn't missing someone particular, not really.
But with a glance on my bookshelf I wished there was someone standing there, carefully and with great patient, examining my books to find what it was looking for.
With a glance on the bed I wished there was someone laying there with a book in its hands and from time to time pausing from its book to look up from the pages with a little smile on its face to see what I was doing.
With a glance on the soft carpet on my bedroom floor I wished there was someone sitting there with magazines spread all around and was slowly turning over leaf after leaf, looking closely at the pictures and columns to find something extra interesting to show me.
With a glance at my guitar leaning against the wall, I wished there was someone there to pick it up, sit on the chair next to the mirror and hesitantly start plucking on the strings until a new sweet melody was filling the room.
With a glance in the mirror I wished there was someone there more than me."

Postat av: Charle

va fint, vilken poet!

2014-12-17 @ 16:44:44
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Postat av: emma

det kommer ofta bra saker ur ledsamma situationer och denna text var superfin!! keep it up, vill läsa mer mer mer

Svar: Helt sant det! thank you darling, ska skriva mer! :)
Pegah Zarassi

2014-12-18 @ 12:05:22
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