For you I was a flame, love is a losing game.

2009-04-27 @ 22:39:55
Howdy people!
Sorry that I've been a little off this week but there's just so much to do in school right now! We've had three national tests this past week and I'm all shaky! I'm pretty sure I've fucked up at least two of them. Congratz to me then!
I'm really not the kind of person who gets all nervous because of a test but this week I sure was and I really wish I wouldn't have been.
Enough said about school and all that boring stuff. I still haven't shown you any photos from my road trip down to the southern parts of Sweden. The city I love so much, Gothenburg.

Leaving the northern part of Sweden.

The day after arrivel:

One happy father enjoying the sunbeams of the spring.

first barbeque of the year!

Good food tastes the best around people you love.

My beloved uncle. Doesn't he remind you of Donald Duck? haha.

The time's running away and I have school tomorrow. This is where I have to stop for this time but I promise you to write again soon and there'll be lots of more photos, Okey?

Music tip: Amy Winehouse.

Have a wonderful life.
Pegah Zarassi.